Desautels Graduate Student Society

A student-run association serving the interests of Masters students of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University.

Rugby Club

The McGill MBA Rugby Team is the ideal opportunity for students of all skill levels to alleviate the stresses of Academia with hard-hitting, in your face action. Active participants typically have little to no previous rugby experience! And without a doubt, that is the greatest allure.

The club is open to all MBA students and alumni. While there is always an emphasis on emerging victorious, the real value comes from teamwork, camaraderie, and the feel good satisfaction that comes from knowing you gave a smack-down to another competing MBA program. Matches always end with a celebration at a local pub!

Games typically take place throughout the fall and an indoor touch rugby league in the winter. The highlight is always the McGill/Harvard annual match.

The MBA Rugby Team strives to create a meaningful MBA experience and grow the bonds of brotherhood and teamwork which will last well beyond the days when we retire our rugby jerseys.



McGill/Harvard match

Matches against other Canadian MBA rugby programs

Rugby team night


Chris Wolski, MBA Rugby Captain.