Desautels Graduate Student Society

A student-run association serving the interests of Masters students of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University.

Squash Club

The McGill MBA Squash Club brings together MBA1s and MBA2s every fortnight in a battle of finesse, fire and fitness. As one of the most popular and well represented clubs in the MBA program, the squash club comes fully equipped and enjoys preferential court booking facilities in the McGill gym. Regular tournaments with the various MBA programs in Montreal provide club members with valuable networking opportunities and as a favored sport amongst McGill professors and higher ups, the club also ensures a lot of personal interaction with the bigwigs at McGill.

So if you are up for an intense hour long workout that’ll have you coming back for me, hit us up at the McGill Squash Club.

Co-Presidents: Arjun Punthambekar and Yehia ElKholy